AIX Cloud

LparBox provides secure IBM AIX environment in the Cloud. It is an ideal solution for short-term or long-term projects where the purchase or renting of expensive hardware is not sustainable. We now give you the possibility to build your own IBM AIX environment based on IBM Power servers almost immediately.

We offer you full and exclusive access to IBM AIX logical partitions (LPARs). We give you the opportunity to completely control your computing resources and use them without sharing them with others. The web interface of LparBox allows you to fully configure your IBM AIX environment depending on your needs by choosing the desired OS version and virtual resources like CPU, memory and storage. LparBox reduces the time required to obtain a new fully functional server to hours without any efforts from your side.

When you get your LPAR, you are allowed to install any licensed software you wish like applications, middleware, databases, etc.

Who can benefit from our AIX Cloud service?

If you are:

  • a small or medium-sized company
  • a developer
  • an education centre or a trainer
  • a system administrator or AIX freelancer
  • or just an enthusiast who is interested in AIX.

You can use our AIX cloud service to:

  • Build your own or company test and development IBM AIX environment
  • Build AIX disaster recovery environment
  • Develop and compile software for IBM AIX environment
  • Run trainings on IBM AIX platform
  • Learn and explore IBM AIX or prepare for IBM AIX certification.

The mission of LparBox is to be a trusted partner for small and medium-sized companies by making the complex AIX environment easily accessible and affordable.

What you get:

  • Your own logical partition (LPAR), fully configured and controlled by you
  • IBM AIX version of your choice
  • HMC (Hardware Management Console) access
  • Rapid provisioning - resource provisioning usually takes up to 24 hours from payment
  • Free customer service support
  • AIX technical support on request

Service Highlights:

Control - You have complete control over your LPAR. You can manage it through HMC and have root access to AIX.

Flexibility - You have the choice of operating system version, configuration of memory, CPU, disk space and duration of the service. We offer short-term and long-term IBM AIX environment depending on your needs.

Reliability - Our servers run in Tier3 data center which provides system availability by redundant power and cooling systems. Your data is protected with RAID technologies.

Security - Your environment is isolated from the Internet through VPN connection thus preventing exposure to security risks. You can additionally use our “Private VPN” service to network isolate your LPAR from other logical partitions by utilizing a separate VLAN and VPN tunnel dedicated only for you.

Low cost - You pay only for the resources you need. By fully utilizing our hardware infrastructure we can optimize resources use, thus offering you the best prices.

Elasticity - You can increase your rented capacity at any time according to your needs. At the same time you can rent one or more LPARs, utilizing more resources to meet your requirements.

Cost savings

Cloud computing is an innovative way for the business to generate cost savings. Now you can benefit from IBM AIX cloud using our service in order to optimize resources and cut cost by saving on:

  • Expensive hardware
  • Hardware maintenance
  • IT infrastructure
  • Power and cooling
  • Qualified personnel
  • Constant trainings

Lparbox allows you to pay only the computing capacity you actually need.

How to get your LPAR ?

Just order it from our web interface or contact us for tailored-made solution for your business.