Please, find some frequently asked questions answered below. If you cannot find your question here, please feel free to contact our support.

About AIX Cloud services




About AIX Cloud services

Q: What is a logical partition (LPAR)?
A: LPAR or logical partition is a term used to describe the allocation of system resources to create one or more logically separate systems within a single physical machine. The term is similar to VM (virtual machine) used by other vendors. In IBM POWER systems, the hypervisor is on firmware level and is responsible for resource allocation and the isolation of each logical partition.

Q: What is rPerf?

rPerf is a relative performance metric for IBM Power Systems servers. It is an estimate of commercial processing performance relative to other IBM UNIX systems. The derived rPerf value depends on CPU, cache and memory. A value of 1.0 rPerf is equivalent to the IBM eServer™ pSeries® 640 performance which is used as a baseline reference system. Since there are different systems with different performance characteristics in our cloud, we use rPerf as a processing metric.

Q: What does free support on AIX Cloud service use include?

The free support includes resolution to problems with your AIX environment access or use of our AIX Cloud service. Use our contact form to ask questions or report problems.

Q: Am I protected from data loss?

Your data is protected with RAID technologies so it is safe in case of disk failure. However you should take care of backing up your data. See Terms of Use for data loss responsibility.

Q: Is my data secure in the cloud?

Your environment is isolated from Internet through VPN connection thus preventing exposure to security risks. However, even though you are isolated from Internet, for the standard service, it is possible that there may be multiple LPARs on the same subnet. If you require additional network isolation you can take advantage of our Private VPN service to isolate your LPAR from other logical partitions by utilizing a separate VLAN dedicated only to you.

Q: Do you provide access to HMC (Hardware Management Console)?
A: Yes. When you order your LPAR you will receive e-mail with instructions how to access the HMC. You will become a user with limited access. You will be able to manage your LPAR (start, stop, restart, open terminal window) but will not have access to other LPARs or general HMC functions.

Q: Do I share my system resources with others?

You share the same physical machine with others. Nevertheless, the resources you have paid for are reserved for you and used only by you.

Q: What does the “System Backup” option include?

An image of your operating system (including all modifications done by you) will be generated once per week. The image will include all mounted file systems in your root volume group (rootvg) at the time of taking the system backup. It will not include any file systems located in user defined volume groups or any raw devices.

You can use the system backup to reinstall your system to its latest state before the backup if it is corrupted or if you need to revert your last changes. You should contact us, if you wish to restore a system image.

You can find additional information for the “System Backup” option here.

Q: What tools are included in the "Application Development Tools" option?

The following Open Source tools compiled for AIX are included:


autoconf gcc-cpp libgomp mpfr python-tools
automake gcc-gfortran libmpc mpfr-devel python-xml
bison gdb libmpc-devel openldap readline
coreutils gdbm libstdcplusplus openldap-devel readline-devel
cpio gdbm libstdcplusplus-devel pcre xz-devel
db gdbm-devel libtool pcre-devel xz-libs
db-devel gdbm-devel libxml2 perl zlib
diffutils gettext libxml2-devel pkg-config zlib-devel
expat gettext-devel libxml2-python python  
expat-devel gmp logrotate python-devel  
flex gmp-devel lua python-docs  
gawk gzip lua-devel python-oauth  
gcc info m4 python-setuptools  
gcc-cplusplus libgcc make python-setuptools-devel  


If you choose the "Application Development Tools" option, these packages will be installed on your LPAR automatically. If you need any other Open Source package you can search the AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications provided by IBM. Please note that these packages are on an "as-is" basis and you will not be entitled to any support. Even though these tools are freeware, please consult the individual tool for its licensing information.

Q: Do you offer backup services for my data?

Backup is offered as an optional paid service. Full and incremental backups are possible. Contact us for more information.

Q: How can I migrate my existing AIX host to LparBox.com?

Please contact us. We will offer you the best solution for you, depending on your specific environment and requirements.

Q: May I use my own mksysb image on the LparBox.com Cloud?

Yes. Please contact us for instructions how to upload your mksysb image.


Q: Do you provide any other payment methods except PayPal?

Currently, all payments for our services are processed by PayPal, Inc. You can pay either by credit card or by your PayPal account. In case you are not able to complete your payment via a PayPal account, please contact us, so that we can resolve that issue. If you prefer, you could also make a bank wire transfer to our bank account - in this case please be aware that you have to inform us in advance for your preference and it could take 2-5 working days before your payment is completed. 

Q: Is VAT (Value Added Tax) included in the price?

All prices are published without any additional taxes, such as VAT. Whether VAT is chargeable and what is the amount that will be charged by us, depends from the information you provide in your customer profile of an individual or a company. Exact tax amount for each order will be calculated and displayed during the process of ordering, just before payment is requested. See VAT Statеment for more information.


Q: When will I get access to my logical partition?

Usually you can access your AIX environment within a few hours after payment is received. Refer to Terms of Use and the correspondent Servie Level Agreement for more details.

Q: How to access my AIX logical partition?

You will reach your LPAR through a VPN connection. You will receive your VPN credentials and detailed instructions when you successfully order your LPAR. There are three ways to access the AIX server:
1. SSH connection - most common and recommended. For Windows users, use Putty or any other SSH client and the provided IP address. Linux users can use the command line (SSH should be installed).
2. HMC virtual terminal - use it for service purposes (wrong network settings, boot problems, etc.) or for training purposes (e.g. SMS menu access).
3. Graphical Interface - rarely used. Full graphical environment such as CDE or KDE does not provide much of functionality and can be slow (depending on network speed and load). If you need to install an application with GUI installer, you can use X server or VNC. Check the rest of the FAQs for additional information.

Q: Is it possible to increase/change system resources allocated to my LPAR?
Yes, you can increase your LPAR resources (CPU entitlement, disk space, etc.) at any time for at least one-month period ahead. Downgrading an LPAR configuration is not allowed before the already purchased service for the same LPAR expires. 
- If your current LPAR access has just expired or is about to expire soon, you can extend your access period via the 're-order' button at your Customer Dashboard. On the next step you can reconfigure your LPAR with upgraded system parameters that you would like to use for the new period, or your may keep the same system resources as before. Continue to a confirmation page with invoicing details and complete the PayPal payment process.
- If you need more resources for your LPAR before your current access expires, you will have to place a new order with the satisfying parameters and inform us that it is to upgrade your current LPAR (if you have more than one, please specify). You will be charged in full amount for your new order and your already upgraded LPAR will be available for the new period being purchased. The prepaid and unused service fee for the initial order will be credited to you and will be partially refunded in the same proportion as the non-utilized time remaining.

Q: Can I install a specific Technology Level?

When you choose AIX version from the LPAR configurator you will usually get the latest stable Technology Level of that release. However, if you need a specific TL you can ask us at info@lparbox.com or using our contact form and we will do our best to install the TL you need.

Q: Can multiple users connect with single VPN user's credentials at the same time?

No. When you place your order you should select the number of VPN users you would like to connect concurrently to your AIX environment. Multiple connections with the same user's credentials are not allowed.

Q: Is my logical partition capped?

Yes. Capped partiition means that you cannot exceed the processing capacity you have paid for.

Q: The total size of all file systems seems less than the disk space I have ordered. Why?

In AIX not all disk space is given to the file systems by default. The free space can be used to extend existing file systems or create new ones.

So, in order to check the disk space, you can use the following commands:

To check the number of disks and their logical names:
# lspv

To check their size (especially for disks not given to a volume group):
# getconf DISK_SIZE /dev/hdisk#

To check the existing volume groups:
# lsvg

If you have purchased more than one disk, you can can create additional volume group(s) or extend existing one.

To check the available disk space in the volume group(s), for ex. rootvg:
# lsvg rootvg

If you have free space in a given volume group, you should be able to extend any file system or create a new one. For example:
# chfs -a size=+1G /tmp        #that will extend /tmp by 1 GB

Or you can use "smitty fs" if you are not familiar with the commands.

Q: How can I install a program which installer requires graphical interface?

You can use either X server (requires X server application on your workstation such as Xming or any other) or VNC that can be directly used with your Web browser.

  • To use X server:

Start the X server on your workstation.

On your AIX server:

# export DISPLAY=YOUR_VPN_IP:0.0

# xterm &


  • To use VNC:

Start the VNC server on AIX:
# vncserver

You will be asked to set a password.

Then simply type the IP of your LPAR in a browser on your workstation followed by the port number corresponding to the assigned display ID.
For example: [IP address]:5801


Q: Where can I download Linux tools for AIX from?

You can download various Linux tools from the IBM AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications. It can be found at the official IBM site: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/power/software/aix/linux/toolbox/alpha.html

Q: I need an Open Source package compiled for AIX but cannot find it at the AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications. Where else can I look for?

You can find a lot of Open Source packages compiled for AIX at http://www.perzl.org/aix/ and http://www.bullfreeware.com/toolbox.php .

Q: Can I use Bash shell in AIX?

Yes, you can. By default AIX uses Korn shell. However Bash shell will be installed on your LPAR. Invoke it by typing # bash. If you want to use Bash just because of the easier navigation and to invoke past commands and you are familiar with the vi editor, you can always use vi style navigation by executing "set -o vi" and using the vi controls.

Q: Does OpenSSH come with AIX?

OpenSSH and OpenSSL do not come with the AIX base installation media. Nevertheless they will be installed on your LPAR by default.