System Backup

If you choose the "System Backup" option from our Order page, an image of your operating system (including all modifications done by you) will be generated once per week. The image will include all mounted file systems in your root volume group (rootvg) at the time of taking the system backup. It will not include any file systems located in user defined volume groups or any raw devices.

Up to two images will be kept at any moment. Images older than 2 weeks will be overwritten. The maximum size of a single system image is 20 GB.  You can check if your file systems will fit into this limit by issuing the following command:

# df -gt $(lsvgfs rootvg) | awk '{total+=$3} END {printf "Estimated system image size: %.2f GB\n", total}'

In case you would like to have particular file systems or files excluded from the backup, please contact us.

If your image size is bigger than 20 GB we may provide custom backup service on request (additional charges will apply).

You can use the system backup to reinstall your system to its latest state before the backup, if it is corrupted or if you need to revert your last changes. You should contact us if you wish to restore a system image.

The system backup is scheduled to start between 03:00 GMT and 10:00 GMT each Sunday. It is best practice to limit the system activity at that time. Some open files may not be saved correctly.

Your system backup will not be kept after the AIX Cloud service expiration.

Attention! If you have any database placed on rootvg and running at the time of bakup, it is unlikely to be backed up correctly. The database could be corrupted after restore. It is recommended that you use rootvg for system files only.

LparBox is committed to perform faultless system backups. Nevertheless, will not be liable for any data corruption or data loss as per the term of use of the service.