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OS: AIX 7.1
CPU rPerf: 2.0 rPerf
Virtual CPUs: 1
Disks: 3
Disk size: 10 GB
Disk size: 10 GB
Disk size: 10 GB
VPN Users: 1
Period: 1 months
OS: AIX 7.1
CPU rPerf: 4.0 rPerf
Virtual CPUs: 2
Disks: 1
Disk size: 20 GB
VPN Users: 1
Option: Application Development Tools
Period: 1 months
OS: Fedora 20 on POWER
CPU rPerf: 1.0 rPerf
Virtual CPUs: 1
Disks: 1
Disk size: 10 GB
VPN Users: 1
Period: 1 months
Choose AIX version or Linux OS. If you need a specific AIX TL (Technology Level) or SP (Service Pack) please contact us.
Choose your processing performance depending on your needs. rPerf is a relative performance metric for IBM Power Systems servers. A value of 1.0 rPerf is equivalent to the IBM eServer™ pSeries® 640 performance which is used as a baseline reference system.
The number of virtual processors is closely related to the number of logical processors your partition will see. By increasing the number of virtual processors you would not exceed the processing unit capacity; however you could control how many threads can be run simultaneously. If you are not familiar with the nature of your workload, we recommend sticking to the defaults.
The minimum amount of memory needed for AIX partition to boot (AIX 6.1 & AIX 7.1) is 512 MB. Various options are available, just select your precise values in both drop-down lists - for GB and additional MB.
VPN Users
If you need multiple users to connect to your LPAR at the same time you should select their number. Multiple users are not allowed to connect to the VPN server with the same credentials at the same time.
of disks
You can have one or more disks. The advantage of having more than 1 disk is that you can have more than one volume group and separate user data from system data.
Additional options:
Private VPN is an additional security feature, which ensures your LPAR to be on a network isolated from other logical partitions in the cloud.
Open Source tools such as gcc compiler, gdb debugger, phyton, etc. You can check the complete list of tools included in the package in the FAQ section. (available only for LPARs with AIX 6.1 and 7.1)
All mounted file systems in your root volume group will be backed up weekly. Currently available for AIX only. Please check the FAQ section for more information.

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